Cycling: a modern times panacea

Cycling | 2015

The following lines are a plea for cycling. Making cycling part of our lifestyle does not necessarily mean our transformation into some inveterate athletes, competition addicts or into extreme sports fans. Only 30 minutes of daily bike riding is for sure an essential first step in having, as Romans used to say, “a sound mind in a healthy body”. It is a certain method used to increase our life quality.
From a health perspective, both physical and mental benefits are multiple. 30 minutes of daily cycling can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, it optimizes blood pressure and insulin and triglyceride levels.
Did you know? 30 minutes of daily cycling can reduce with 50% the risk of coronary attack.
Cyling helps building mussels, strengthening the entire body, improving coordination and motor skills, stimulating a fat-burning metabolism and helping blood circulation, including the peripheral one. Usually cyclists are envied for their narrow waist. That's because bicycle riding is a great way to lose those pounds and maintain an optimal body weight. Depending on the weight of the cyclist, an average of 30 minutes of pedalling can burn up to 500 calories.
Did you know? A regular person will lose roughly 5 kg in their first year of riding to work.
Cycling is one of the most non-invasive sports: improved joint mobility, protected spine, strengthened cartilage and proper posture in the saddle relieve back or hip pain. The movement is circular, smooth and continuous and a constant effort can be maintained for a long time without overwhelming the body. Cycling reduces the risk of arthritis, increases immunity and protects, according to some studies, even against some cancers.
Being a boost for the level of endorphins, cycling reduces stress and induces significant improvements in a general state of wellbeing. Bike riding is a psychological panacea, it relaxes the nervous system, helps in cases of depression and anxiety, and improves concentration and memory. In addition, it reduces chronic fatigue and has a positive effect on sleep disorders.
Did you know? The constant practice of cycling brings about 40% in memory improvement.
Cycling offers a unique balance between exercise (effort) and relaxation as well as being the most economical and ecologically friendly way of transport. Whether you ride in the city, on the road or over the mountains, the bicycle is a means of transport that is less polluting and the least expensive.
The bicycle represents good health, toned physique, improved balance, better flexibility, fun, savings, value, sound wellbeing and spirit, and many others. What more can we ask for?
Adrian M. Stoica
Sales Director

Photo: Shutterstock

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