How to keep your bicycle safe?

Cycling | 2015

On two wheels it is easier, faster, healthier and even more enjoyable. Each of us knows this, especially the ones who use the bicycle either as a means of daily transport, or on weekends for pleasant rides. No matter how much time you spend pedalling, you want to know your bike is safe and ready for a trip any time you need it.
In Romania, the number of cyclists is growing. However, with the increase in the number of cyclists, a lot of mishaps also arise, the most common being stolen bikes. And the statistics are not encouraging. According to the "Grand Study of Stolen Bicycles", conducted by Otto Broker, more than 90% of stolen bikes are never recovered. It is therefore very important to think about a secure method to protect your bike.
The first thought is often to purchase a bike lock. Said and done. Statistics show, however, that it is not enough: 70% of bicycle theft happened even though the bicycles were equipped with such an anti-theft device.
Another solution is a GPS tracking system fixed on the bicycle. If your bike disappears, your have to go to the Police with the purchase invoice, communicate the location the device indicates and hope that the authorities will manage to retrieve it. These devices however are not very easy to procure, and they can cost up to 450 RON, without delivery, assembly or the subscription fee for the monitoring app included.
The problem with these solutions is that they are only preventive and bring no consolation if the bicycle is actually stolen. The alternative is Otto Velo, a cost-effective and reliable solution which, following the theft, will get you back 80% of the bicycle`s value, money with which you can return to your two-wheeled passion in no time.
Otto Velo is the only bicycle insurance available on the market today that covers theft and robbery, two of the biggest concerns for cyclists. Thus, you can enjoy your bicycle, whether you park it outside, in a public or private space, inside the house, garage, in the yard, or even on your car’s bike rack.
Otto Velo keeps your bike safe, wherever you are, so that you can make the most of it.

Article written by our partner Otto Broker.

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