Main activities (and asociated duties):

1. Purpose of the position

  • The holder of the position is expected to develop a new client’s portfolio.

2. Locating the post in the organisational structure
The position of the position in the organisational structure

  • The upper-level position : Director for Sales and Marketing
  • The lower-level position : not applicable
  • Subordination:
    • Has as subordinate: not applicable
    • Is replaced by : not applicable
    • Replaces : not applicable

Working Relationships :

  • Hierarchical : Director for Sales and Marketing
  • Functional : Customer Service Officer and Sales Department
  • Representativeness: represents the company when the position holder gets in touch with the manufacturers, clients, persons / organisations in the country and abroad on business matter.

3. Responsabilities of the position:
Related to the particular activities of the job, the position holder is responsible for :

  • Quality of the customer relations
  • Proper use of Company’s resources
  • Conformation to the company’s obligations toward the clients, partners.
  • Precision and quality of the information provided to the clients.
  • Achievement of the individual purposes of sales.
  • Precision of the reported data bases.

Related to working discipline, the position holder is responsible for:

  • Participating in personal professional development and specialised development.
  • Ensuring that the Company’s policies and procedures and work procedures are complied with.

4. Developing the clients portfolio

  • Identifies potential clients.
  • Makes contact with clients and sets meetings with them.
  • Presents the products and services of the company.
  • Identifies the needs of the client.
  • Presents an offer according to the client’s needs.
  • Negotiates the offer.
  • Signing of the contracts.

5. Mantaining the customer relations.

  • Develops the customer relations
  • Maintaining permanent contact with clients

6. Discovers new business oportunities

  • Monitors the market and identifies the development tendencies.
  • Identifies new development methods of the products and services that the company provides congruent with the market trends.
  • Support the Director for Sales and Marketing in events and promotion

7. Represents the company in the formal relationships with the clients and partners.

  • Ensures a good company image on the market.
  • Represents the company when talking with clients and partners.
  • Develops positive relationship with key-persons with the purpose of developing a good company image and open doors for new business

Job skills

  • Sales skills
  • Proved success in selling policies to Individuals and Companies
  • Demonstrated negotiation techniques
  • Demonstarted presentation techniques
  • Good knowledge of the local market
  • Good knowledge of English business language
  • MS Office skills
  • Open minded
  • Willingness for travel

The context of work

Interpersonal relations :

Communication :

  • Formal and informal, in and outside the company
  • Method : face to face, at the phone, through e-mail, or fax.
  • Frequency : high
  • Privacy / secret : in conformity with the interior regulations

Physical working conditions

  • The position : most of the time field trips
  • Environmental conditions : controlled environmental conditions
  • Requests of the position : it is required a sitting position most of the time

Structural characteristics of the post

  • Shortcoming of the post / job: the position implies a medium decision level, it is an executional post. The position presents a medium responsability level.
  • The Routine vs. The Challenge of the Work: the purposes and duties of the job are well-established. The order, priorities and rhythm of the work are also well-established. The position presents a low monotony level.
  • The rhythm of the work and the planning: The holder of the position together with the immediate superior establish the order, the priorities and the rhythm of the work.

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Specialized courses / sales training

Experience :

  • In the field (sales) – minimum five years experience in Sales in health insurance and/or life insurance, alternativly with medical providors
  • In the position – minimum 6 months (desirable)

Personality characteristics, skills and adaptations required

  • General learning skills
  • Communication skills
  • Planification and organisation of the operations and duties
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ensuring and transmitting information
  • Organisational skills
  • Emotional balance
  • The capacity of working with people
  • High stress resistance
  • Glibness, linguistic coherence and clarity
  • Punctuality

Spontaneity, practical mind, persuasive, empathy, sociability, tact, amability, assertive, self confidence, activism, energy, glibness.

Salary range :

In conformity with the interior regulations of the company.

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