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Romania - Bucharest
International Headquarters

24, Dr. Constantin Caracas Str., 011155 Bucharest

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Romania - Bucharest
Sales Unit

68, Aviatorilor Blvd., 011855 Bucharest

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Magyarország - Budapest

Cím: 1052 Budapest, Váci u. 12., 2. emelet

Bulgaria - Sofia

66 Vitosha Blvd., 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria

Poland - Warsaw

ul. Trebacka 4, 00-074 Warsaw, Poland

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MediHelp International Broker de Asigurare SRL - fiscal data: CUI 17808893; J40/12942/22.07.05; VAT RO32901553; RBK-366/11.10.2006; CAEN 6622

MediHelp International Broker de Asigurare - is listed in the register of personal data operators under the registration number 18944 for processing operations related to insurance and reinsuarance services.

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