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The story of MediHelp is the story of our lives. It is the story of investors, entrepreneurs, managers, sales people, employees and customers. It is a story about caring for the health of others, about passion and determination, about education and social responsibility. Being the best is the philosophy that governs our attitude in relation to employees, partners, collaborators and, last but not least, with our customers.

We have been present on the health insurance market for more than 15 years and we have a clear mission: to create and develop innovative solutions adapted to the needs of our clients and partners.

We have been pioneers in providing comprehensive health insurance plans, along with health care and high standard Customer-Care services. We are operating and looking to expand our business in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently we are present in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.

We have become a recognized company, constantly growing, respected and appreciated by the most important International Health Insurance companies, by our business partners, employees and customers around the world.

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