Happy employees increase the company’s results


Happy employees increase the company’s results

Healthy and happy employees are those who go beyond the target, working to achieve the company's goals and providing a proactive work environment. For these reasons, the investment in their well-being has become a priority for companies of all sizes, which take complex measures and constantly adapt according to requirements and trends.

Health measures are covered by a complete package that also includes private health insurance for companies, sports/fitness subscriptions and even life coach and nutritionist meetings. The happiness and comfort of the employees are ensured through a pleasant workspace, an organizational culture centered on people and benefits geared towards personal and professional development.

Since the benefits gained through organizational policy and organizational culture reorganization are important, we have gathered some initiatives to guarantee the welfare of employees at work:

  1. Individual health insurance and a family health plan
  2. Fitness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence development classes
  3. Flexible program and the possibility of working from home
  4. Coaching for retirement and financial education
  5. Flexibility for setting your own strategy and work objectives
  6. Parental education
  7. Access to healthy food
  8. Friendly relations and teamwork at work policy
  9. Practices meant to recognize the merits and achievements of employees
  10. Encouraging employees to stay at home when ill

The changing perspective is mainly due to the research which states that the welfare of a team increases the commitment of the members towards the company and the overall productivity. Moreover, the same research has shown that an employee-oriented policy can lower costs by about $ 1,600 per capita, reducing sick leave or unplanned days.

In conclusion, employee welfare is fundamental to the company's productivity and performance, with a direct impact on overall business results. Furthermore, exploring and cultivating a few measures that meet the core needs of employees and focus on their concerns will have a conversion rate that will exceed the initial investment of the firm.