Health insurance - what is the right time to access it?


Health insurance - what is the right time to access it?

The ever-increasing rhythm of daily activities can have a major impact on our health. We assume more and more responsibilities, we carry out more and more tasks at work, but also in our personal lives, we get involved in projects, and these things can weaken the body with the passage of time.

The objectives of each individual are different, influenced by the social, cultural or economic context in which they are located. However, regardless of the social status or the area in which he/she lives, no person should neglect the most important aspect - health.

Health is a fundamental element in fulfilling personal responsibilities and projects, which is why we need to pay attention to the prevention process and the importance of routine medical check-ups. A condition that has been detected at an early stage will be treated with much greater chances of recovery.

What gives you private health insurance?

Private health insurance provides the beneficiary with the highest level of medical care, giving him/her the chance to choose the clinic or the specialist doctor he/she wants. Equally, it eliminates the financial concerns that arise in the event of an uncovered health problem or serious illness requiring supervision and treatment for a prolonged period of time.

For these reasons, more and more people choose to conclude a private health insurance to give them more control over the situation in the unfortunate case of illness.

In recent years, we have witnessed a change in perception of private health insurance, and with social change, there is an increased demand for them. The best time to access a health insurance is on the first day of life. It is important to note that standard health insurance obtained through MediHelp costs 440 lei per month for an adult between 40-44 years or 310 lei per month for children and adolescents up to 17 years of age.

For this insurance plan, the amount of covered medical services is 1,200,000 euros per year. That's why parents need to consider accessing health insurance to protect themselves and their children from financial pressure in the event of a medical condition.

In conclusion, accessing the benefits of a health insurance during the youth represents the right time and creates the foundation for a healthy life in which we can prevent unpleasant situations, and in the case of a serious illness it can be treated more easily, being detected on time.