Healthy habits for a healthy life


Healthy habits for a healthy life

Wishing to be happy and healthy makes more and more people change their lifestyles. Equally, happiness is closely connected to health as high energy levels, lack of pain or care-free activities are the basis on which to build a happy life. This is how the two are interconnected.

            It is recommended that new, healthy habits are taken on as soon as possible so that you enjoy the quality of the life you deserve. However, letting go of bad habits is a process that requires a lot of determination and patience so that it makes a full impact on your life. Moreover, giving up some habits that are not objective-oriented is more difficult than forming new habits.

What do healthy habits mean?

            More than 40% of daily activities are not decisions performed unconsciously, but decisions created in time. These become stronger as time goes by, and this is why giving up harmful customs and developing a healthy, wish-fulfilling routine is necessary.

            To adopt new habits, follow these 4 phases:

1.    Contemplation: I’m thinking about it.

2.    Preparation: I was thinking about taking measures.

3.    Action: I have begun to make modifications.

4.    Maintenance: I have a new routine.

Irrespective of the stage you are in, make sure you fully understand the effort involved in acquiring a new habit so that you do not let go of the process which proves to be more difficult than initially expected.

So, what are the steps to follow to attain the objective of a healthy life?

·         Make sure you chew food properly

·         Stay active outside the gym

·         Choose healthy fats for your meals

·         Decrease meat intake

·         Decrease sugar intake by half

·         Spend some time outdoors

·         Do a digital detox from time to time

·         Choose a more positive perspective on the events in your life 

·         Make time for the things you like

·         Learn something new every day

·         Do not forget to stand up from your desk more often

·          Sleep as much as your body requires

·         Improve water intake

·         Open your windows and provide fresh air

No matter what healthy habits you acquire, take responsibility to understand the extent of the process you are experiencing. Try to choose those routines tailored to your preferences. Likewise, it is recommended to perform slight changes in behavior every day that eventually build up to a habit. 

Adults who have healthy habits can add up to 10 years to their lifespan. In this manner, renouncing those harmful pleasures and choosing private health insurance may ensure a long, healthy life. Changes in behavior, irrespective of age, are not impossible to make and are part of a larger process.