How can you be healthy with 12 minutes of exercising a week?


How can you be healthy with 12 minutes of exercising a week?

It is no secret anymore that exercising is extremely important for our overall well-being, as it has a very poignant impact on health. Being fit is an essential condition for the daily activities, which is why exercising must become a habit.

Nevertheless, our day-to-day responsibilities keep us busy all the time, which can make it difficult to allocate time for sports. Thus, many of us ignore the need to exercise, adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary life is extremely dangerous, as in time it leads to a decrease in life quality and triggers the appearance of conditions such as various types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression or anxiety, a decrease in muscle mass and obesity.

Among the greatest benefits the exercising brings are:

  1. It increases the state of happiness. Exercising can lead to endorphin secretion, which will reduce the chances of anxiety or depression.
  2. It helps to lose weight. Exercising speeds up your metabolic rate, which will help burn calories, resulting in weight loss.
  3. It grows the energy level. 
  4. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Through sustained physical effort we can improve the body's processes so that the organism can prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes type 1 or 2, or cardiovascular diseases.
  5. It helps brain health and improves memory. Increased pulse during exercising supplements the amount of blood that reaches the brain, which will stimulate the production of hormones that help the brain cells develop. Also, physical effort helps the growth of the hippocampus, which is the area responsible for learning and memory.
  6. It improves sleep quality.  
Can short exercising sessions have any impact on health?

The answer is affirmative, with studies showing that three sessions of four minutes of intense exercising per week can improve a person's physical condition and strengthen their health. 

Brief sessions of intense exercising performed constantly can have a significant impact on the body, growing the oxygen uptake by 10% and lowering blood pressure and glucose levels. They may also lower cholesterol or fat. This type of intense physical effort over a short period can be integrated into the daily schedule, such as climbing stairs at a sustained pace to the detriment of using the elevator. Studies show that this type of movement reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Reducing the time while we sit down is also extremely important. Even if we exercise enough and constantly, sitting on the chair can cause metabolic imbalances and increase the risk of disease. 

These discoveries play a paramount role in convincing those who have very little time that motion and exercising should not be neglected. By allotting 12 minutes a week to these activities, people can improve their physical condition and avoid serious illness. At the same time, the health condition can be monitored and improved through a private health insurance policy which covers the costs of diagnostics and treatments, as well as of prevention investigations.