How do we keep our family away from unpleasant summer surprises?


How do we keep our family away from unpleasant summer surprises?

The moments spent with the family are some of the happiest moments in our lives, and summer holidays are an opportunity to build memories with loved ones. Whether we visit relatives from distant areas, whether we are on a trip to a foreign country, summer is the perfect background to spend quality time with the family.

Holidays and vacations are the time when we rebuild our energy reserves to get back to our daily activities. We live intensely and we are more and more under the pressure of the responsibilities we assume. For these reasons, we increasingly cherish the moments that we can offer our family.

An extremely important thing to remember is that for a family holiday, careful planning is needed. One of the reasons concerns children who are more sensitive than adults and who may be affected by climatic differences between the area of origin and the area visited. Equally, adults are also liable to develop unpredictable conditions. Also, for those suffering from certain medical conditions, additional precautions are recommended. Such a disease is asthma, accentuated by the geographical features of the visited country such as altitude, climate or air pollution.

What do we have to do to avoid unpleasant surprises in the summer?

Attention to our health and of the loved ones remains an essential thing, so we need to make sure that we have access to the best medical services in case of the unfortunate occurrence of health problems. One way to get rid of the unpleasant consequences of a holiday illness is access to health insurance. The conclusion of an insurance policy such as that obtained through MediHelp International can be extended to the whole family, a benefit that guarantees access to a network of over 425,000 private hospitals and clinics makes available to insured persons medical services to the highest standards. Such private health insurance has international coverage, offering treatment in any private hospital or clinic around the world.

What are the most common medical problems in the summer?

Excursions in the country or abroad can sometimes give you less pleasant moments. Among the most common problems that may occur on vacation are:

  • Food-borne infections - Not always the food we eat is of the highest quality, and food can affect adults, but especially children.
  • Skin blisters - Walking is one of the most exciting activities when visiting a new place, but in some cases, it can leave visible traces on us.
  • Flu - although in public perception cold flu is characteristic of the cold season, it can also occur during the summer, especially in the case of children, who are predisposed to sensitivity.
  • Sunstroke - walking to the beach is one of the family's favourite activities during the summer but burns that sun rays can cause at critical times are dangerous.

Moments spent with family build the most pleasant memories. The sense of belonging and the relaxed frame made of the most important people bring, in addition to joy, responsibilities. We all have the responsibility to create a predictable family context and to ensure balance, and private health insurance will make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.