Now I can enjoy life


Now I can enjoy life

The community of Romanian expatriates in Europe counts over 3.5 million people, according to the latest estimates made by the Foreign Ministry. Whether they have gone on an experience exchange, or work in various fields, such as transport, HORECA, health or others, easy access to medical services must be a priority.

Sometimes, however, things happen with accelerated dynamics and unplanned events can occur in a person's life, which can produce unexpected effects. I had been waiting for this promotion for over a year and it arrived exactly when I was thinking of leaving the company, Alina explains in the e-mail sent on a Friday afternoon. And because sometimes life sends you something you no longer hope for, I was supposed to leave in a month to London in the Customer Compliance department. The day of departure came faster than I expected, and in a few days, I had already installed myself in my new office overlooking the Thames.

Over a period of time, I met my soul mate - an Irishman with the most beautiful blue eyes -  with whom I started a wonderful love story. Shortly afterward, we found out that we will no longer be two, but three, which has rejoiced and scared me equally. That was the time when I began to investigate what it is like to bring a child into the world when pregnancy complications arise, and I realized that the total of the costs surpassed my possibilities. Then I panicked and called my mother because I did not know what to do: if I went back to Romania I would have lost my job;  if I would have stayed in London I couldn't cover all the costs alone (the child's father was relocated to Ireland and we lost contact).

After many days of despair, one evening my mother asks me: "Don't you have a health insurance that guarantees you treatment everywhere in the world?" And then I had a saving idea. I hanged up, searched you online, called you, and was lucky to have found a non-stop call-center. I talked to one of your consultants, explained the delicate situation I was going through, and the next day I received the good news: my private medical plan fully covered my treatment and birth expenses. Moreover, I could afford the doctor I wanted and whom I trusted. So, with a lot of investigations and with your help, I managed to carry the pregnancy to the end, to bring Brian to the world (who looks at me now with his blue eyes) and to enjoy life. Thank you for all your support and for the opportunity to secure Brian. Now I can be tranquil. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Alina's story is one of the hundreds we hear every year. All this demonstrates once again how important it is to access a health insurance plan with international coverage in the early years of maturity. Often, unexpected events can occur in a person's life which can have effects not only for the individual in question but also for the whole family. Therefore, it is good to always be informed about the available options which we can access.