The benefits and the costs of private health insurance


The benefits and the costs of private health insurance

More and more people understand the importance of accessing the best doctors and the latest treatments, which is why they choose private health insurance that guarantees the quality of their medical services. This trend is also noticeable among Romanians, who turn their attention to private health plans for the freedom in choosing the clinic and the specialists physicians without affecting their financial situation.

At the same time, another advantage of health insurance is flexibility. This aspect offers the opportunity to choose between providers of public and private health services from all over the country. In addition, the access to a health plan increases the chances of preventing and diagnosing medical conditions in a timely manner, facilitating: the increase of success rates of treatments, lower expenses, the increase of life quality and duration.

1. Why is it important for a child to benefit from medical insurance?

Parents’ primary concerns are their children’s health and safety. More and more parents are aware that they need to save money for their children's future, and are concerned about their health, so they choose to ask for private health insurance. In recent years, due to the development of the private health insurance market in Romania, the number of parents who get the cover is increasing. Even if they are born completely healthy, parents turn to health assurances in children’s early stages of life because they want to prevent any health issues that may occur.

2. Why do millennials opt for private health insurance?

In terms of compensations and benefits offered by employers, Generation Y choose benefits such as: flexible time, sports subscription and private insurance plans. In recent years, employee mobility has considerably increased, which entailed changes in work patterns, but also to extra benefits for them. Therefore, employers have to adapt to the needs of the new generation and its profile in order to keep pace with competition, to motivate the employees to perform, and to ensure a high degree of loyalty towards the organization. If the employer does not offer a health insurance policy, the employee can choose an individual private health insurance plan to enjoy services at the highest standards.

3. Elders opt for private health insurance

Elders resort to private policies because of their predisposition to illness, but also because they want to benefit from quality medical services and qualified personnel. Equally, they can choose customized health insurance that provides coverage for the health issued they are exposed to.

There are several reasons for accessing private health insurance:

  • Private insurance policy offers can be customized;
  • Routine checks and annual analyses are included in the insurance package;
  • Insurance covers the most expensive medical treatments and procedures;
  • Monthly investment is accessible;

As for the costs, the investment in standard health insurance, such as the one available through MediHelp International, is 440 lei per month for an adult aged 40-44, or 310 lei per month for children and adolescents up to 17 years of age.  Children may be insured from their first days of life.

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