The benefits of sport on children’s brains


The benefits of sport on children’s brains

Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body), as the old saying goes, is nowadays confirmed by numerous studies. One of the most recent ones, the conclusions of which were presented by the specialists of Montreal University, claims that sport is extremely important for children, not only for their body, but also for their mind.

Presently, more and more parents include movement in the daily activities of their children. Dance, karate, tennis, swimming, roller skating, biking and football, all of these can be enjoyed by little ones almost as soon as they are able to walk. And the families who stimulate their children to move regularly have also noticed that their little ones are better organized in school, are better at concentrating, follow the rules and take greater responsibility.

The Canadian researchers explain this by showing that sports integrate children in teams, with specific goals, and thus they learn a healthy behaviour. These benefits complement those brought by the regular practicing of sports for the benefit of the children’s bodies: it is common knowledge that children involved in sports activities have a lower obesity risk. Besides, they are more sociable, more generous and more helpful with their peers, trying to support them, especially in team sports. Specialists claim that once the muscles become developed during childhood, they will be easier to maintain during the entire life of the child with proper stimulation and continued sports activities.

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