The investment in prevention contributes to maintaining oral and general health


The investment in prevention contributes to maintaining oral and general health

The connection between oral and general health is a close one, which makes the responsibility for dental hygiene extremely important.

Oral health offers us clues regarding the general state of health, also having direct effects over it. The emergence of cavities is one of the most frequent problems that can be easily prevented; left uncontrolled, it will lead to the destruction of the teeth and the necessity for painful and costly fixing procedures.  

What is the connection between oral and general health?

The organism has the capacity to keep under control the bacteria that develop in the mouth, however, without a proper oral hygiene, they may reach a high level, resulting in infections and the emergence of cavities or gingivitis. Moreover, medication can have a strong influence on oral health, by reducing the flow of saliva that neutralizes the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth and which protects from microbe invasion.

A few of the health conditions that can be influenced by oral hygiene:

Endocarditis – infection of the heart valves or the internal layer which appears when bacteria from another part of the body, such as the mouth, spread through the blood and become attached to the heart areas.

Cardiovascular diseases – oral bacteria may cause infections that lead to the blocking of arteries and strokes.

Pregnancy and birth – periodontitis may cause premature births and reduced weight at birth.

Advice for a proper brushing:
  1. Brushing between 2 and 3 minutes, at least twice a day
  2. Maintaining the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle from the gums
  3. For cleaning chewing surfaces, it is recommended to use short and detailed movements
  4. The cleaning of the interior surfaces of the front teeth, up and down, is made by holding the toothbrush almost vertically, bringing the front side over the teeth and gums
  5. For the complete elimination of bacteria, a light brushing of the palate and tongue is recommended.

Therefore, daily brushing, using dental floss, regular visits to the dentist – which may be covered by a private health insurance – and a well-balanced diet significantly contribute to maintaining oral health and obtaining a confident smile.