Interview Florentia Fășie, Branch manager MediHelp


Interview Florentia Fășie, Branch manager MediHelp

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you?

Florentina Fășie: I have met a number of people in MediHelp with great careers who have inspired me to follow a progressive road in this company. They have challenged me, they demonstrated the importance of professionalism, dedication and stability.

I would like to mention Mr. Zahal Levy (President of MediHelp), Laura Afrasine (Executive Manager) and Roxana Scutaru (our Sales Manager in previous years) in particular.

Mr. Levy has always shared his leadership values with each member of this team, including me. He spread his vision of being leaders in this field, being professionals in each situation and building our own careers. His vision became mine as well.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenges facing this new position?

Florentina Fășie: I have met already three major challenges: Targets, Team Motivation and Time Management.

Sometimes eight hours a day are insufficient for what I plan to do and for what happens during the day.

In sales, one year has less than 12 months, therefore reaching targets is one of the main challenges.

Motivation is an important factor. My team has to deal with objections of people every day, therefore I have on my agenda on a daily basis encouragement and open discussions about solutions.

Positive attitude and perseverance are vital in sales, therefore I do my best to spread these values in my team.

After the six years of being a part of the MediHelp sales team, how would you describe your overall experience there?

Florentina Fășie: I could talk for a whole week about MediHelp and all about its amazing sales processes without stopping.

I have had an amazing journey up until now, I have met over 1000 people from different areas of work activity, usually senior managers concerned about their health, their family’s health or their employees’ health.

I never stop learning; every day I discover new aspects and new opportunities to develop our clients’ portfolio.

It has been challenging, it is challenging and every further step I take leads me to want for more.

With MediHelp I have also performed other activities that are not directly related to sales and I am happy that I have had the opportunity to vary my daily routine.

I have enjoyed being part of a team that is encouraged to use every skill and to be actively involved in this company’s development.

It is important to have the feeling that you have made significant changes in a company.

Therefore, I truly recommend that where my team is concerned: “You have a talent, you are in the right place. Use it! Give the best of yourself”

How do you ensure that your team and its activities are aligned with your “core values”?

Florentina Fășie: My “core values” are “MediHelp core values”. It`s important to develop this culture. Each one of us is part of one unitary system.

Communication is the key, as long as the conversation (one-on-one, with all the team) is constructive and the purpose is to continually improve, from one case to another. I am open to better understanding their experiences and to share my own. I constantly ask for feedback from my team and vice versa.

Continuous learning, training and shared experience from each team member are tools that I use continually on my role.

Who are your top three female heroes?

Florentina Fășie: I don`t have heroes, although I truly appreciate those “heroes” who have had a major impact in discovering treatments for different diseases, new technologies and many others that changed humanity’s direction in a positive way.

I want to have my own experiences and not compare them with great figures in business or other fields.

This is one of the things I learned from my parents and the education they gave me is admirable.

I am a positive and glass-half-full type of person. I admire people who know how to make themselves good to meet or work with, who know how to develop good working relationships, how to communicate and to be understood.

This is more-or-less what sales are about – how to develop good relationships, either with colleagues or customers.

So let’s learn more about people…