A family of four can benefit from private health insurance for only 14 Euro per day



A family of four can benefit from private health insurance for only 14 Euro per day


The private health insurance market is on the upward trend due to its accessibility versus the population’s living standard. More and more Romanians are aware of the importance of their access to private health insurance, which provides them both international standards medical services and the safety of covering their expenses even in case of severe diseases.

Equally, the insured enjoys the benefit of choosing their doctor who sets their diagnosis, but also of the hospital or the clinics they want to be treated in.

The number of families benefiting from private health insurance increases year by year due to the fact that parents see the health insurance as a fundamental mechanism by which they and their children can enjoy medical services at the highest standards in any situation or country. The plans offered by MediHelp are constantly adapted to meet the needs of those who want access to the best medical services in the country or abroad. Sometimes there are medical conditions that become worse due to the fact that were not discovered in time or situations in which the future mother has a health issue that affects the fetus as well. In such delicate situations, the private health insurance can be the best and safest solution, shows Elena Ciobanu - Operations Manager, MediHelp International.

Worldwide, 3-4% of the babies are born with a congenital condition. These cases require proper and often complicated treatment, which can be costly for parents.

The private health insurance eliminates these concerns as the insurer takes responsibility for making the payments to the clinics or hospital the investigations were conducted in.

The largest insurance plan for the four-membered families has an approximate value of 5,300 Euro per year. This amount covers the health care costs for all four members, representing a safety net for the parents to protect the financial stability of their family. Only 14 Euro / day covers the investigations and treatments for the possible conditions of each family member, regardless of their severity.

The private health insurance is evidence of the attention a person invests in relation to his / her own health and of the responsibility they undertake in order to have a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, accessing a private health insurance policy provides the beneficiary with the necessary framework for maintaining good health by covering the costs of preventive investigations, but also for subsequent treatments.

Thus, parents can invest a relatively small amount to eliminate the possibility of developing a serious condition, but also the concern for unforeseen expenses.