Business Moms – Why is the international health insurance a must



Business Moms – Why is the international health insurance a must


In 1975, the rate of employment between mothers of infants was under 30%. Since then the number of working moms has grown to more than 50%, reaching a full 70% in 2014, studies show. While providing positive role models for children around them, especially little girls, being a professionally active woman and raise a family at the same time is no piece of cake.

Researcher Cheryl Buehler considers that a mother’s economic role is central to family life, and it has a great impact on her well-being and her parenting, too. However, while a research published in the Journal of Family Psychology shows that business mothers are less likely to be depressed, health problems related to this full time job might still occur on a regular basis.

Whether we are talking entrepreneurs or low, middle or top managers, the job of a single or married business mom is never actually over. The lack of rest, unhealthy or quick meals, the stress of deadlines along with the permanent tasks motherhood brings on a daily basis might lead to real and complex health problems.

What should a working mom do to prevent eventual health issues from affecting her on a long term?

Listen to your own body. When you are feeling tired, run down or achy, your body might be telling you that you need a break. Not paying attention to these signs might lead to medical issues of all sorts, from migraines to digestive conditions. Therefore, in order to prevent these you should take some time to rest and take care of yourself.

Also, learn when to ask for help and prioritize your own well-being. If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, feel free to ask help from your colleagues with work, and your husband, mother or friend with taking care of the children, at least for a little while. Re-schedule your time, take a short break, and get back on track with a clear mind.

“Here at MediHelp we understand the everyday struggles of a working mom and try our best to come up with the best health care plans meant to face the needs of the business woman and the mom, all in one. For this reason, our policies include coverage for a great range of medical procedures. We try to think of everything, from maternity care to preventive medical procedures for them and their family and even accommodation in case their children need medical care in a different city or state.” said Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.

However, the most important thing you can do to prevent medical issues is choosing the health insurance plan that suits your needs. Owning an international health insurance policy can provide medical care for both the mom and the children and can cover a large range of medical procedures, especially preventive ones. It can be used all around the world in a hospital of your choice, and can cover medical costs of up to €3 million.