Generali Romania in partnership with MediHelp International



Generali Romania in partnership with MediHelp International


Generali Romania enters the international private health insurance area, in partnership with Medihelp International
  • Accessing the new policies, the Romanian insured persons have access to over 425,000 medical clinics worldwide
  • This insurance covers complete medical services, including complex surgeries, treatment for cancer, and even organ transplant, including bone marrow transplant
  • The insured person may get reimbursed for hospital expenses up to EUR 3,000,000 according to the chosen package

Generali Romania has recently concluded an exclusive partnership with MediHelp International, one of the most important intermediaries of private health insurance and international medical insurance in Central and Eastern Europe and one of medical care leaders. The two companies will offer to their Romanian clients’ packages of international private health insurance.

The private health insurance “MediHelp International Plans” provides its clients with access to a network of more than 425,000 medical clinics worldwide, partners of Generali Global Health (GGH), and may be purchased both by companies and individuals aged less than 70.

Accessing the product offered by Generali Romania and MediHelp International, according to the medical services desired, the client may choose from 5 packages on 5 coverage levels:

  • Blue (health services of maximum EUR 500,000, only in Europe)
  • Azure (EUR 1,200,000, only in Europe)
  • Cobalt (EUR 1,500,000, worldwide)
  • Admiral (EUR 2,000,000, worldwide)
  • Royal (EUR 3,000,000, worldwide)

The insurance health policy includes comprehensive medical services, complex surgery, hospitalization, multidisciplinary counselling, laboratory investigation, advanced imaging services, dental treatment, and treatment for cancer and even organ transplants, including bone marrow transplants, depending on the package chosen.

According to the coverage level the client has chosen, such insurance may cost from 2 to 7 EUR/day, covering medical services between EUR 500,000 – 1,200,000 granted only in Europe, or from 3 to maximum 40 EUR/day for medical services ​between EUR 1,500,000 -3,000,000, offered both in Europe and worldwide.

The Romanian tax legislation allows employees to deduct the cost of a private health insurance, within 400 EUR per year/per person.

Employers are also encouraged to offer this type of financial benefit to employees. According to the current Tax Code, by providing health insurance to employees, companies can be granted a deductibility of 400 EUR per person per year, compared to the previous amount of 250 EUR.

„Romanians who want to benefit from quality health care in private clinics abroad and in Romania, may have access to them at a decent cost. We identified our clients’ need, and, by the partnership with one of the leading healthcare companies in CEE, through the access to more than 425,000 clinics worldwide offered by Generali Global Health, we are ready to meet our client’s most demanding requirements", said Adrian Marin, CEO of Generali Romania.

Through this partnership, the two companies join their forces – Generali Romania’experience on the local insurance market and, in particular, on the group life insurance market, backed up by Medihelp’s experience in health services and healthcare, distribution capabilities of own networks, plus one of the largest networks of international medical clinics partner of Generali Global Health. This is the recipe to reach the most demanding clients in Romania seeking international coverage for quality medical services.

“Through our healthcare service we pay attention to our client in the smallest details. We provide them with a dedicated contact for any request, in order to obtain the needed information in the shortest time possible. In addition, we have direct settlement with the entire network of partner clinics and hospitals. We are the ones who keep in touch with the insurer and with the medical facilities, keeping our client safe from such concerns. The experience we have acquired in the private health area helps us provide our Romanian clients with the best services on the market”, said Laura Afrasine, Executive Manager MediHelp International.

Details about the private health insurance „Medihelp International Plans” may be accessed on and

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Generali Romania is an important insurance company in Romania and part of the Generali Group which is among the world’s leading insurers, with total premium income exceeding €74 billion in 2015. With above 76,000 workers in the world, present in over 60 Countries, the Group has a leading position in Western European Countries and an ever more significant presence in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia. In 2015, Generali was the sole insurance company included among the 50 smartest companies in the world by the MIT Technology Review. In CEE the Group operates through its holding company Generali CEE Holding in 10 countries being one of the leading insurance operators in the region.


Generali Global Health provides international private health insurance to globally mobile people. Through its worldwide network of customer service centers, medical professionals and facilities, GGH gives its members access to the best healthcare services in the world.

GGH is a specialist division of Generali Group which operates in over 120 countries worldwide, providing insurance and assistance for both individuals and groups. And through its association with Generali Employee Benefits, GGH has access to the world’s leading employee benefits network – so GGH can support its clients in more destinations across the globe.


MediHelp International is one of the most important intermediaries of private health insurance in Central and Eastern Europe. MediHelp International successfully combines Health Insurance Cover with International Medical Assistance for the benefit of their clients. Some of the top health insurance benefits are: international coverage, limit of coverage up to EUR 3 milyear/member, coverage for hospitalization and all related costs, air evacuation, cover for cancer treatment, transplant services, outpatient care, access to any clinic in the world and emergency services 24/7.