MediHelp International supports the IDD Directive and the new international standards in the private insurance industry



MediHelp International supports the IDD Directive and the new international standards in the private insurance industry


The European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) entered into force on 1 st of October 2018, generating a series of changes in the industry, due to the new regulations on how insurance services are being promoted internationally.

One of the main objectives is that all policyholders should be given access to the highest quality services, regardless of the country they are in.

Equally important is that this directive regulates and allows brokerage firms to create insurance products.

"MediHelp International has always taken into consideration both the specific needs of people who have accessed private health insurances and the market dynamics, so it has promoted personalized private health insurance plans created with the support of partner insurance companies", said Alexandra Gardan, Development Manager at MediHelp International.

Another important provision of IDD refers to the requirement for detailed and documented analyses performed by intermediaries on the needs of potential clients. Thus, on the basis of the declared information, the insurance companies will be able to offer their clients individualized insurance packages.

"MediHelp has started on this analysis since the beginning of its activity and has always provided insurance solutions appropriate to the customer's needs. They included all the desired services, whether related to outpatient services, complex medical examinations and investigations, or prevention, or to hospitalization services, including cancer treatment, transplant services or maternity ", added Alexandra Gardan.

Another provision with a significant impact on the industry refers to the alignment between IDD and the European legislation that allows collaboration between brokerage firms, in order to promote the same insurance products. On this subject, Alexandra Gardan comments: "We are very pleased that co-brokerage is now also allowed in Romania, enabling the introduction of new and competitive insurance products on the market. Thus, collaboration between brokerage companies can bring more benefits to customers, by aggregating the expertise of intermediaries."

Finally, the directive aims to promote a fair competition, in terms of equality between intermediaries, and this principle comes to support the policy holders, as they will benefit from the increased quality level of insurance and protection services.