You Can Prevent Your Family from Getting Sick with Only EUR 14 per Day



You Can Prevent Your Family from Getting Sick with Only EUR 14 per Day


Medical conditions strongly impact the life of each person. The evolution of medicine and technology in the field provides control over these delicate moments by developing mechanisms designed to maximize a person's chance of healing. Such an instrument is represented by the private health insurance.

Through one of the most complex private insurance schemes in Romania, a family of four may benefit from routine investigations to complex treatment for complex medical conditions. The cost of such coverage is approximately EUR 5,300 per year, which means that EUR 14 per day is the amount that the beneficiary invests to prevent the occurrence of medical conditions but also for healing in the case of the impairment of one of its members.

The number of Romanians who are aware of the importance of a private medical insurance is increasing and this can be correlated with the increasing importance of preventive medicine in Romania. Choosing to access a private health insurance strengthens the belief that the prevention of a medical condition is an effective and more beneficial solution than treating a disease.

This trend is also advocated by social phenomena, such as the growing popularity among young people to study abroad for which case parents conclude an insurance policy, giving them the certainty of access to the best medical services anywhere in the world in the case of a accident or the occurrence of a serious medical condition.

More and more young people choose to study abroad or enjoy the experience of international camps.

Annually, over 4.500 young people choose to pursue their university studies in Europe or America. Statistics show that in 2018, approximately 40.000 students were outside the borders of the country. Therefore, the private health insurance is the most appropriate tool for them to receive high-quality medical services if they suffer an accident or are affected by a medical condition, a statement made by Elena Ciobanu, Operations Manager, MediHelp International.

Choosing a private health insurance plan for the whole family shows the wise attitude of parents who want to ensure a safe climate for children, regardless of their age.

The international coverage of the insurance demonstrates its usability in case of trips, camps or even studies in other countries for long periods of time, when young people are exposed to many risk factors and may require expensive investigations and complex treatments.