In a world where stress affects us both physically and mentally, a world where those around us don't have time for the health problems of others - MediHelp has respected its brand promise and given me a helping hand when I needed it most. I have a great appreciation for MediHelp professionals and for the care with which they treat their clients!

I will definitely continue to recommend MediHelp services to my friends, work colleagues and acquaintances.

Mircea Tataru

In January 2019, I suffered an accident, and I fractured my knee. I immediately called the non-stop customer support service mediated by MediHelp International and they gave me all the details on what steps I should follow. Also, my direct contact with the company assisted me through the whole process, advising me what to do, and how to implement the policy.

In short, I benefited from hospitalization, surgery, treatment, complete medical recovery (physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, etc) in a top private clinic. Everything cost 3,200 EUR, money that MediHelp paid immediately.

In conclusion, there are not enough words to praise them and their work. I have constant care and security from a company that not only respects its contracts, but has extraordinary people who given me flawless professional support, but, most importanly, personal support.

Adelina Ignat – SDI Media

Deciding to buy health insurance was a tricky decision to make. First, I considered it expensive, and then I had a trust issue. I had never had this type of insurance before. In addition to that, I was expecting the process of getting health insurance to be complicated and long-winded.

After two of my close friends told me that they had purchased health insurance policies and that they had already benefited from them, I decided to contact MediHelp. Of course, I researched and spoke to several companies, and finally, I decided to opt for MediHelp because it seemed the most suitable for what I needed. For medical emergencies that did not involve a complex operation, it was more appropriate to opt for MediHelp’s cover in Romania. For example, I wasn't going to go to Germany if I had appendicitis, Best of all though, for a worst-case scenario, MediHelp’s policies appeared to be the most comprehensive and safest cover for me.

Another very significant element for me in the relationship with MediHelp was my consultant, Irina. I felt from the beginning that she genuinely wanted to help me make the best choice, and later I felt that she would always be there to help me when I had questions or needed some advice if I had a problem. Without the usual pressures that you get from sales staff, I felt confident Irina was more concerned that I was totally confident that the insurance policy I wanted to choose covered all my needs.

I have repeatedly recommended MediHelp to colleagues and friends, but in the end, each of us has to make a simple decision: we need to think about how we can cover medical expenses if they occur. I preferred a fixed monthly cost for the insurance policy which I could easily budget for. Others prefer to put some money aside. It makes a lot of sense to make provisions for a time when we might be taken ill, and having medical einsurance eliminated the fear of either not having enough money to pay for the best treatment, or receiving a bill for a very large sum of money.

Remus Gogu

The MediHelp team won me over from the first discussion I had with them through the seriousness and transparency with which they explained to me each stage we were going to take. Over time, I developed a fantastic relationship with Irina P?un, who was always supporting me and helping me understand what the processes are and how I can get the most out of my health insurance.

Even though I live abroad and all the conversations are by phone, I always received all the details I needed. The services are very good for the program I chose, and the price is affordable, especially for the quality offered. Moreover, another strength is the efficiency with which they reimburse the money. If I had to start over, MediHelp would be my first and only choice.

Alina Mihai

At the beginning of this year I had a ski accident and this Tuesday I had LIA surgery to Montza Metropolitan. Thanks God I have MediHelp health insurance!

I would like to thank you very much for your support and direct settlement with the hospital. This helped me a lot. The surgery was very successful.

Cristina Burghold – Finance & Administration Manager