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MediHelp International is the leading private health insurance provider in Central Eastern Europe and has been present on the market for more than 15 years. With offices in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, and with top medical partners, MediHelp International successfully combines the international health insurance cover with international medical assistance for the benefit of its clients.

Health insurance benefits:

  • International Coverage
  • Medical care anywhere in the world
  • Cover for cancer treatment 
  • Cover for hospitalisation and all related costs
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Clients testimonials

Transearch International

At the beginning of this year I had a ski accident and this Tuesday I had LIA surgery to Montza Metropolitan. Thanks God I have MediHelp health insurance. I would like to thank you very much for your support and direct settlement with the hospital. This helped me a lot. The surgery was very successful.

Cristina Burghold – Finance & Administration Manager

SDI Media

In January 2019, I suffered an accident, and I fractured my knee. I immediately called the non-stop customer support service mediated by MediHelp International and they gave me all the details on what steps I should follow. Also, my direct contact with the company assisted me through the whole process, advising me what to do, and how to implement the policy.

In short, I benefited from hospitalization, surgery, treatment, complete medical recovery (physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, etc) in a top private clinic. Everything cost 3,200 EUR, money that MediHelp paid immediately.

In conclusion, there are not enough words to praise them and their work. I have constant care and security from a company that not only respects its contracts, but has extraordinary people who given me flawless professional support, but, most importanly, personal support.

Adelina Ignat – Traducator, SDI Media

In a world where stress affects us both physically and mentally, a world where those around us don't have time for the health problems of others - MediHelp has respected its brand promise and given me a helping hand when I needed it most. I have a great appreciation for MediHelp professionals and for the care with which they treat their clients!

I will definitely continue to recommend MediHelp services to my friends, work colleagues and acquaintances.

Mircea Tătaru

Deciding to buy health insurance was a tricky decision to make. First, I considered it expensive, and then I had a trust issue. I had never had this type of insurance before. In addition to that, I was expecting the process of getting health insurance to be complicated and long-winded.

After two of my close friends told me that they had purchased health insurance policies and that they had already benefited from them, I decided to contact MediHelp. Of course, I researched and spoke to several companies, and finally, I decided to opt for MediHelp because it seemed the most suitable for what I needed. For medical emergencies that did not involve a complex operation, it was more appropriate to opt for MediHelp’s cover in Romania. For example, I wasn't going to go to Germany if I had appendicitis, Best of all though, for a worst-case scenario, MediHelp’s policies appeared to be the most comprehensive and safest cover for me.

Another very significant element for me in the relationship with MediHelp was my consultant, Irina. I felt from the beginning that she genuinely wanted to help me make the best choice, and later I felt that she would always be there to help me when I had questions or needed some advice if I had a problem. Without the usual pressures that you get from sales staff, I felt confident Irina was more concerned that I was totally confident that the insurance policy I wanted to choose covered all my needs.

I have repeatedly recommended MediHelp to colleagues and friends, but in the end, each of us has to make a simple decision: we need to think about how we can cover medical expenses if they occur. I preferred a fixed monthly cost for the insurance policy which I could easily budget for. Others prefer to put some money aside. It makes a lot of sense to make provisions for a time when we might be taken ill, and having medical einsurance eliminated the fear of either not having enough money to pay for the best treatment, or receiving a bill for a very large sum of money.

Remus Gogu

The MediHelp team won me over from the first discussion I had with them through the seriousness and transparency with which they explained to me each stage we were going to take. Over time, I developed a fantastic relationship with Irina Păun, who was always supporting me and helping me understand what the processes are and how I can get the most out of my health insurance. Even though I live abroad and all the conversations are by phone, I always received all the details I needed.

The services are very good for the program I chose, and the price is affordable, especially for the quality offered. Moreover, another strength is the efficiency with which they reimburse the money.

If I had to start over, MediHelp would be my first and only choice.

Alina Mihai

What is international private health insurance?

Health insurance offers you peace of mind as it protects you and your family, by covering what you would be expected to pay should you need medical care. 

The MediHelp International Health Insurance will save you from the burden of paying the full costs for your medical care, almost anywhere in the world!

Health Insurance for Individuals

If you have health insurance with international coverage you and your family will have access to high-standard medical services in private clinics and hospitals in your own country, or anywhere in the world.

Paying for private health insurance assures you will always access to thorough and personalised medical assistance including, but not limited to: consultations, investigations, imaging, hospitalisation, surgery and maternity care.

You can choose any one of the 5 individual medical insurance plans offered by MediHelp International for you and for your family: Blue, Azure, Cobalt, Admiral, Royal.

You will automatically have access to private medical insurance benefits such as:

  • Personalized medical services
  • Efficient management of all medical expenses
  • Access to the newest medical treatments available today
  • The opportunity to choose the best clinic or doctor for your treatment
  • More details about Health Insurance for Individuals

Health insurance for employees

The benefits and compensation packages for employees need to include international health insurance in order to present a highly professional impression of your company and are essential for attracting the very best candidates in a highly competitive marketplace.

Health insurance offers your employees and their families access to top medical services including: hospitalisation, surgery, medicines, out-patient treatment, maternity care, imaging, dental care, emergency air evacuation and repatriation where appropriate, organ transplantation, cancer treatment and many, many more medical interventions.

Choose any one of the 5 medical insurance policies offered by MediHelp International for you and for yourself, your colleagues and your entire workforce: Blue, Azure, Cobalt, Admiral, Royal.

Your employees will have private medical insurance benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Access to over 1.4 million high-standard medical care providers
  • Tax deductibility of up to 400 EUR/year
  • Individual case management and assistance in claims’ processing
  • Annual coverage of up to 3.000.000 EUR 
  • More details about  Health Insurance for Employees
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