You can choose one of the 5 private health insurance plans with international coverage, with one of the following coverage packages:

Medical services cover of up to 500.000 euro, available in Europe

Medical services cover of up to 1.200.000 euro, available in Europe

Medical services cover of up to 1.500.000 euro, available worldwide

Medical services cover of up to 2.000.000 euro, available Worldwide

Medical services cover of up to 3.000.000 euro, available Worldwide

Together with our partners from AXA International Group, one of the most important insurance providers worldwide, we have created a product that will enable you to have access to the best international clinics and hospitals.

The MediHelp International Plan insurance offers access to a network of more than 1.4 million private clinics worldwide which are partners of AXA Global Health, a member company of AXA International Group.

Your insurance cover can incorporate:

  • Complete medical services
  • Complex surgeries
  • Hospitalization
  • Multidisciplinary consults
  • Laboratory tests
  • Advanced imaging services
  • Dental treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Organ transplant
  • Bone marrow transplant

The advantages of MediHelp International Plans

This insurance covers both companies, and individuals (under 70 years old). The payment system is flexible - it can be either monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

The private health insurance with international coverage offered by MediHelp, guarantees its members access to premium healthcare services all over the world.

For any inquries, a dedicated person will be available to provide you with any information you might need and as soon as you need it.

The insurance costs can vary, depending on the benefits package chosen: from 2 euros/day to 7 euro/day for medical services covering costs up to and between 500.000-1.200.000 euro, available only in Europe, and from 3 euro/day to 40 euro/day for medical services costing up to and between 1.500.000-3.000.000 euro, which are available worldwide..

Private health insurance premiums are tax deductible for up to 400 euros/year.

Now you can relax knowing your healthcare is in safe hands, leaving you free to enjoy life to the full. We have the perfect solution for all your healthcare needs!


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