Cancer. It's a diagnosis that everyone dreads.

We might have to deal with this illness when a relative, family member, an employee, or maybe ourselves are diagnosed with the illness. The battle is an extreme challenge. Many advances have been made in recent years in developing treatments for cancer and they have resulted in new drugs and therapies with increasing success.

Some of the medical advances are medically promising, but often unaffordable.

You are probably aware, as we are, that for each medical problem there are many types of treatments and different approaches that can be taken.

With this You can easily find yourself in the situation of having a lot of information and also having to choose out of the many options available to You. This can make You feel overwhelmed and lost.

MediSky International together with its insuring partner, LAMP Insurance and in collaboration with The New European Surgical Academy (NESA) have created a plan for You. The NESACard plan will help You to choose which is the best treatment and the best medical provider for You, in this difficult situation All information provided will always be based on the most up-to date current knowledge and supported by evidence-based facts.

The New European Surgical Academy is an international surgical network which includes pan-European and global opinion leaders in oncology and in oncological surgery, having members in 54 countries worldwide.


  • Quick cash of 2000 EUR to support any immediate need for help with any medical provider for diagnostics and initial treatment such as:
    • Consultations for diagnostics
    • Diagnostics such as CT scans and MRI scans
    • Genomic Testing in respect of treatment
    • Chemotherapy
    • Homeopathic Consultations
  • "Second opinion and navigation" provided by NESA
  • Recommended treatment for optimum treatment venue: the best medical center that fits with the patient’s needs “in Europe” provided by NESA

Social Contribution

Your yearly payment for a NESA card is a donation made to support the activities of NESA. We hope you will never need to use the benefits of your card and you can be left proud of your contribution to a very important medical enterprise that has a huge social value.

Who can be covered

1. Any private healthy person
2. Groups of over 20 participants “unique underwriting”


Coming Soon