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20 Mar

With an experience of more than 20 years in the Romanian and international business environment, Zahal Levy gave an interview to Christine Bleotu from Radio Romania International, talking, among other things, about the reasons why he...

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05 Mar

A study published by Eurostat in September 2017 shows that despite significant advances in the fight against cancer, this disease remains an important concern for EU countries, being the second most common cause of deaths on the continent. In...

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12 Feb

A report from the National Diagnostic Institute shows that one in ten patients in Romania receives a wrong diagnosis. Moreover, one in six patients is afraid he/she might receive an incorrect diagnosis or an ineffective treatment plan,...

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18 Jan

Florentina Fășie is Branch Manager - Sales Unit MediHelp International and has over 10 relevant years of sales experience. With her, we talked about the challenges of this field, how her first sale was and the things she is proud of...

Interviews | 2018

17 Jan

The analysis of the medical insurance market, performed by Deloitte at the end of 2017, brings up the concept of smart medical insurance as a development direction of the industry in 2018. This tendency was generated by the constant change in the...

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02 Nov

Newsletters | 2017

25 Jul

Bucharest, July 25th 2017. Considering that the incidence of skin cancer is constantly rising, with over 2 million new patients every year across Europe, MediHelp International announces that the NESACARD, the card for oncological funding launched in...

Press Releases | 2017

20 Jun

Bucharest, 28th June 2017. MediHelp International (, leader on the CEE health insurance market, present in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland (MediSky), joins forces with Lamp Insurance (UK) and the New Europe Surgical Academy (Germany)...

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31 May

Bucharest, May 30th, 2017. With Great Britain to exit the European Union during the next two years, MediHelp International, leader in the CEE international health insurance market, announces that Brexit will not disturb the procedure for accessing any...

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15 May

MediHelp International was founded in 1999, and it was the first international health insurance provider in the CEE. We then chose the Blue Butterfly to represent our symbol of life, joy and nobility mainly to represent the peace of mind that comes by not...

Interviews | 2017

10 Apr

BUCHAREST, APRIL 10TH, 2016. According to MediHelp Romania, part of MediHelp International, individuals who own an international health insurance plan and travel abroad during Easter vacation have chosen European capitals as their destination, during the...

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29 Mar

Bucharest, 29th March 2017. MediHelp International (, leader on the CEE health insurance market, present in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, announces its launching on the Polish market as MediSky (, starting this March. On...

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28 Feb

MediHelp Romania, part of Medihelp International, has appointed Mihaela Cojocaru to manage the progress of the commercial plans, starting February 2017. Having a 20 years’ experience in the insurance field, most in Sales, Underwriting or Operations...

Press Releases | 2017

08 Feb

BUCHAREST, 8th February, 2017. MediHelp România, part of MediHelp International, is expecting a sales growth of at least 35% in 2017, compared to 2016. „According to company data, 90% of the individuals who have requested health insurance in the past...

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22 Dec

BUCHAREST, December 22nd, 2016. According to a recent study conducted by SunLife, one of the most important providers of direct-to-consumer financial services, happiness seems to be one of the reasons why people invest in health insurance plans. The Cash...

Press Releases | 2016

30 Nov

Bucharest, 30th of November, 2016. In 2016, the Romanian health insurance market has known a significant growth, thanks to the increased interest in this type of product. The main reason for this growth seems to be the need of eliminating the uncertainty...

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31 Oct

BUCHAREST, 31st October, 2016: In the past year, the majority of families closing an international health insurance plan have requested coverage for hospitalization, outpatient check-ups and medical tests, advanced imaging, maternity and annual preventive...

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26 Oct

Newsletters | 2016

22 Sep

Bucharest, 22th September 2016. In 1975, the rate of employment between mothers of infants was under 30%. Since then the number of working moms has grown to more than 50%, reaching a full 70% in 2014, studies show. While providing positive role models for...

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30 Aug

Bucharest, 30th August 2016. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are one of the largest generation in history, of over 92 million people. Known for their self-centered personality and great interest in material goods, those who are now aged 25 to 35...

Press Releases | 2016

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