It's important to have a strong motivation that will determine the seller to be or to become a real professional

Interviews | 2018

Florentina Fășie

Florentina Fășie is Branch Manager - Sales Unit MediHelp International and has over 10 relevant years of sales experience. With her, we talked about the challenges of this field, how her first sale was and the things she is proud of professionally.

FoxsalesJobs: 1. Walk us through the benefits, but especially through the challenges of a sales professional.

Florentina Fășie: The career of a sales professional is always a challenge, what makes the sales one of the most exciting and interesting activities in a company. Eventually, any company exists to sell, so most business plans and directions are focused on the sales process. The challenge of a "seller" is communication. How messages are sent to customers and the information accuracy is vital to long-term collaboration. Behind the communication process is the sales professional clear perception of the company's concept, its values, and its mission, as well as the positioning of the company on the market. A salesperson needs to know who is the company they represent, who they are, what the market of the service/asset is, but also needs to know who they are. Dynamic, proactive, informed, intelligent, responsible people are the ones who can truly become professionals.

A salesperson will be present in the marketplace, will be informed and connected to everything that happens in the business area, will understand or try to understand the results, activities, periods and variations over the course of a year.

The benefits a salesperson feels can vary from case to case. We do not limit our searches to a single "professional seller" pattern. People are different and can work at maximum capacity in different circumstances; that's why our company is open to providing a flexible and motivating work environment. There are people motivated by the financial factor, others motivated by the professional evolution, others may be motivated by the social involvement generated by the product/service they sell, others by the market to which it is addressed, by the competitive environment and so on.

It's important for the motivation, whatever it may be, to be strong enough to make the vendor be or become a true professional.

2. FoxSalesJobs: What's the difference between the sales strategy in the field of health insurance in other areas?

Florentina Fășie: The sales strategy for medical insurance, and in the case of MediHelp, is to sell correctly, first of all. As insurance brokers, we are consultants to our clients and advisors to insurance companies.

We are actively participating in market education by promoting insurance products in Romania that offer insured members the opportunity to access medical services at top medical units anywhere in the world.

If we want long-term results, we need to make sure that every customer understands and knows what they are buying, that the assurance of their future medical history is honest and that the client receives what is stipulated in the contract.

3. FoxSalesJobs: How was the first sale?

Florentina Fășie: Not easy at all, but with great satisfaction. After two months of constant efforts, it was an achievement and a confirmation that they can continue. My first sale at MediHelp took place in 2010, for a family that is still in our customer portfolio today. It was the most complicated sale because at the time I didn't know the many complex situations that might occur in long-term sales.

The first sale is the one that makes you set goals and you begin to realize the success and the satisfaction of this career.

The first sale is just the first lesson. With each sale, you learn something new. Throughout the years, you realize you don't need sales which materialize very quickly, but where the information is processed, clarified and fully understood.

4. FoxSalesJobs: What makes you proud of the career you've built?

Florentina Fășie: It's an extremely complex field, with a lot of good and not so good moments, in which you learn at all times, in which you get to know yourself a little more with every new day. I am proud of my evolution over the last 7 years, of the company's evolution and, at the same time, I am proud of the team I guided at the right time and managed to get where they wanted. I am proud to have had the chance to meet top people in many business sectors, I am glad that for some of them, for those who have used medical insurance, I was "the right person at the right time" in crucial moments of their lives. I am proud to have contributed to the creation of top insurance packages and that I understood what long-term goals are.

I'm glad to be one of those specialists who educate the insurance market and the sales field at the same time. We need people with a sense of responsibility to sell as a true professional.

5. FoxSalesJobs: What are the 3 most important sales lessons you've learned so far?

Florentina Fășie:

1. Organize the time you have in a constructive way and set the priorities of each day.

2. Be proactive: keep up-to-date, do not expect to be informed, create the context for achieving your goals, take responsibility for the results.

3. Stay in sales only if you like to meet people. A person who doesn't feel comfortable meeting new people almost every day will not be able to maintain their right attitude and perseverance.

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