Private Health Insurance

Private International Health Insurance offers you peace of mind as it protects you by covering what you would be expected to pay should you need medical care. The MediHelp International Health Insurance, will save you from the burden of paying the full costs for your medical care.

Private Health Insurance

What is private health insurance and how to have one

You purchase insurance with MediHelp International by paying monthly premium which may be covered completely or in partially by your employer. Even if you don’t get insurance through your work, you can generally still buy your individual MediHelp Health Insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

The MediHelp International Health Insurance covers you not only for the unexpected, as in the case of an emergency but it can also cover preventive care like routine mammograms and doctor visits for annual check-up.

Discover the MediHelp health insurance plans! We can cover even costs for prescriptions, vision or dental care.

Medical Insurance has become a necessity in all the developed countries of Europe. The responsibility towards the health of ourselves, our families and staff are in our hands.

Today we are proud that MediHelp International has an important role and is recognized as a leader in providing healthcare solutions all over Europe, having offices in Romania, Hungary and in Bulgaria. MediHelp is promoting integrity, high level customer service and customer-confidentiality as part of our list of values.

The health insurance plans offered by MediHelp International in partnership with GENERALI offer you access to any hospital or clinic in Europe or worldwide. Choose one of the 5 health insurance plans with international coverage: Blue, Azure, Cobalt, Admiral or Royal for you and your family!

Private health insurance with international coverage – international medical standards

When your heath or your loved ones’ health is in danger, you need to access the highest medical standards and technologies. The MediHelp International Health Insurance Plans will enable you to access any hospital in the world, most of them already holding deductibility contracts with the insurer. Even if the hospital that you have chosen isn’t on the deductibility list, we can intermediate with your direct payment bills with the insurer.

Private health insurance gives you a peace of mind

In the unfortunate case of having to deal with a medical situation, the hospital and treatment costs can be a financial burden, especially if you wish to benefit from treatment abroad. The MediHelp International health insurance policies cover hospital and treatment costs for severe illnesses such as cancer or chronic diseases and even tissue and organ transplant, which would normally be extremely expensive.

A private health insurance is an investment on the long run

Private health insurance can be perceived as an investment on the long run, the beneficiary being you. Investing in your health when being healthy means benefiting from an insurance for a lifetime.

If you already have medical conditions that are still affecting you when you consider buying a health insurance, it is difficult to find a health insurance with full coverage for the diseases that you already suffer from, as most health insurances do not cover pre-existent conditions.

health insurance for individuals or health insurance for employees

The medical insurance suitable for you and your family

What is a private health insurance?

A private health insurance includes medical services accessible both through the National Health Insurance Fund and through medical subscriptions, being more than a simple travel insurance or a European health card. The payment of the insurance premium offers you access to medical services at the highest standards, in private clinics and hospitals in Romania and abroad, including: consults, investigations, imaging, hospitalizations, surgeries and births.


If you would like to access a private health insurance with international coverage, such as the one that can be obtained through us, you will have direct settlement for a series of medical services in a network made up of more than 425.000 private clinics and hospitals throughout the world. The health insurance premium varies according to the age-band. For example, for an adult aged between 40-44, a standard health insurance costs 550 RON a month. For children and teenagers under the age of 17, the cost is 400 RON a month, as children can be insured from their very first days of life. For this insurance plan, the value of covered medical services is 1.200.000 euros a year.

Also, through the private health insurance, you will benefit from complex medical services, such as: multidisciplinary examinations, laboratory tests and other diagnosis tests (ex. EKG), imaging (MRI, CT, PET scan), physical therapy and treatment of chronic ailments. Equally, it covers hospitalization and surgical interventions, including complications and treatments for aggressive illnesses, such as: cancer, organ transplant, tissue or cell transplant, within the limit of the chosen plan.

If your plans for the future include giving birth to and raising children, the health insurance is accessible from their first day of life and it covers congenital and hereditary conditions as well.

A few of the important medical benefits:

  1. Access to the newest and most efficient treatments
    The medical field constantly invests in developing new medicines and procedures that speed up the diagnosis or healing process. Access to the newest technologies and the best medical specialists is not easy, especially if the patient is not insured or does not have available an amount of money that covers the associated costs. Through a private health insurance, you will have the freedom to choose the course of the investigation or of the treatment together with the most suitable specialist in the field, regardless of the entailed costs.

  2. Control over the medical specialist and the clinic
    Through a private medical insurance, you will have the possibility to choose the clinic and the specialist you would like to be treated by, thus ensuring that all medical measures shall be taken so that the diagnosis and treatment you receive are the most adequate for you. 

  3. Personalized medical services
    The large number of patients, the atmosphere and the commotion in hospitals can negatively contribute to your state of mind, but also to a low degree of attention from the doctor. However, these two variables are excluded if you have a private medical insurance, because it ensures heightened attention and dedication from the doctor, time for detailed discussions about the course of healing, and assistance from a team of specialists if complications arise.

The list of benefits of a health insurance is also comprised of other advantages, such as: efficient management of medical expenses, the certitude of coverage in case of health problems, reduced waiting time, freedom to change the doctor or to maintain the same specialist who knows your medical history. 

Moreover, due to the flexibility guaranteed through a private medical insurance, you will be able to personalize standard services with various clauses, so that you will have the certainty of special advantages in case of hospitalization or surgical intervention, investing long-term and saving money in moments of crisis.

For more information, please contact us at: telephone number +40 21 222 0593 or (M-F, 09.00 am - 05.30 pm).

International medical insurance for employees 

According to a recent study performed on a global level by Gallup, only 13% of employees are dedicated to the activity they perform at their workplace, the rest having a low degree of motivation, which is negatively reflected in the professional activity. In general, a dedicated employee works with passion, makes efforts to obtain the results he desires and feels a real connection to the brand, elements that generate the increase of productivity and profit.

Keeping this context in mind, the creation of a motivating package of compensations and benefits must include a health insurance with international coverage. The main reason is that it represents one of the best strategies for keeping professionals within the company and for attracting the best candidates on the market.

Through a private medical insurance with international coverage obtained with our help, you are offering employees the possibility to have access to a series of top quality medical services, among which:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Medicines
  • Ambulatory
  • Prevention
  • Maternity
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Imaging (MRI, CT)
  • Dentistry
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation 
  • Transplant
  • Cancer treatment
  • AIDS treatment

It is important to mention that, through an international insurance, your employees may benefit from medical investigations and treatments anywhere in Europe or the world, such as:

  • In Romania: Regina Maria, Medicover, Gral, Monza Hospital
  • In Austria: Dobling, Goldenes Krenz, Graz Ragnitz
  • In Turkey: Acibadem
  • In France: International Medical Center of Paris, Clinique Pasteur Toulouse
  • In Germany: Bogenhausen Hospital, Klink Charlottenhaus

A few of the benefits for employees

Also, a private health insurance with international coverage, such as the one that you can choose through us, will allow each employee and their family to have access to more than 425,000 suppliers specialized in medical care at the highest standards. Beside the fact that certain preexisting conditions can be covered in case the medical information is declared in the form, the maximum annual insurance is 3 mil. euro. Equally, these plans are deductible up to 400 euro / years, both for the employer and for the employee, which represents a significant fiscal benefit.

If your company has branch offices in several countries in Europe and you would like to include the health insurance in the compensation and benefit package of all employees, then we invite you to contact us for accessing the plan for companies. For teams made up of more than 10 employees, the preexisting medical conditions are insured, because the MHD (Medical History Disregarded) principle is applied.

For more information, please contact us at: telephone number +40 21 222 0593 or (M-F, 09.00 am - 05.30 pm).

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