In Romania, the Financial Supervisory Authority is the authority which regulates the insurance and intermediation activities under the provisions of Law no. 32/2000 on the insurance activity and insurance supervision.

The purpose of the activity of this commission is to defend the rights of the insured and to increase the stability of the insurance activity in Romania.

AThe activity of the insurers and insurance brokers is under the close supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority which drafts an annual report regarding the activity carried out and the insurance market evolution. Also, the Financial Supervisory Authority keeps the Registry of insurers and insurance brokers, the Registry of insurance intermediaries and the Registry of actuaries.

In 2009, the Financial Supervisory Authority founded the Institute of Insurance Management (IMA) whose purpose is to ensure the training and specialization of persons working in the field of insurance or insurance intermediation.


Insurance-reinsurance brokers of the brokerage company SC MEDIHELP INTERNATIONAL BROKER DE ASIGURARE SRL

Certificates for the Registration of Natural Persons:

Laura Afrasine

Florentina Fasie

Alexandra Konrad

Livia Panita

Irina Paun

Violeta Nita

Hortensia Mihai

Denisa Haddah

Mihaela Patrascu

Ana Maria Ancuta

Viorel Ceparu

Beniamin Grozea

Madalina Colan


For the alternative settlement of the disputes arising in the relation with the authorised entities, which are regulated and/or supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority, the clients may address the Entity for the Alternative Settlement of Disputes in the non-banking financial field (SAL-FIN), according to the provisions of Regulation no. 4/April 27th, 2016 issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority and the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 38/2015 on the alternative settlement of disputes between consumers and traders.

The consumers may bring the dispute for settlement in accordance with the procedures for the alternative settlement of disputes administered by SAL-FIN if they can prove that they have previously tried to settle the dispute directly with the trader in question.


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