The benefits of private health insurance

A necessity adapted to the new reality

Private International Health Insurance offers you peace of mind as it protects you by covering what you would be expected to pay should you need medical care. The MediHelp International Health Insurance, will save you from the burden of paying the full costs for your medical care.

International coverage Europe or Global
Medical care any private clinic or hospital in the world
Access to high-standard medical services
Reduce financial stress of treatment costs
Private health insurance with international coverage – international medical standards

When your heath or your loved ones’ health is in danger, you need to access the highest medical standards and technologies. The medical field constantly invests in developing new medicines and procedures that speed up the diagnosis or healing process. Access to the newest technologies and the best medical specialists is not easy, especially if the patient is not insured or does not have available an amount of money that covers the associated costs. Through a private health insurance, you will have the freedom to choose the course of the investigation or of the treatment together with the most suitable specialist in the field, regardless of the entailed costs.

A private health insurance is an investment on the long run

Private health insurance can be perceived as an investment on the long run, the beneficiary being you. Investing in your health when being healthy means benefiting from an insurance for a lifetime.

Private health insurance gives you a peace of mind

In the unfortunate case of having to deal with a medical situation, the hospital and treatment costs can be a financial burden, especially if you wish to benefit from treatment abroad. The MediHelp International health insurance policies cover hospital and treatment costs for severe illnesses such as cancer or chronic diseases and even tissue and organ transplant, which would normally be extremely expensive.

Free choice for your medical treatment at any specialist or clinic

Through a private medical insurance, you will have the possibility to choose the clinic and the specialist you would like to be treated by, thus ensuring that all medical measures shall be taken so that the diagnosis and treatment you receive are the most adequate for you. If you would like to access a private health insurance with international coverage, such as the one that can be obtained through us, you will have direct settlement for a series of medical services in a network made up of more than 1.4 million of private clinics and hospitals throughout the world.