How does private health insurance work and how can I use it?


How does private health insurance work and how can I use it?

Health is the most valuable resource we posses and we need to enjoy it every moment of life. It is precisely because it is so important that it requires special care and each of us is responsible for the actions taken in this regard. One of the available tools is access to health insurance, which creates psychological and financial comfort in the process of prevention and treatment of diseases - to be always one step ahead of medical disorders that can appear.

What can a private health insurance offer?

The purpose of health insurance is to reduce or eliminate the costs that the patient should pay in the event of a health problem. Private health insurance is a long-term investment and is deductible up to € 400 per year for both the employee and the employer.

What is the limit that my private health insurance covers?

Prevention, consultation, diagnosis but also treatment and postoperative recovery are covered by private health insurance. MediHelp International offers tailored health insurance plans, dedicated to the specific needs of each individual. All costs for treatment and hospitalization will be covered, within the limits of the insurance plan chosen.

For example, for a single, male person, 29-year-old and in good health - the cost of a medical insurance without prevention can reach 1,000 euros per year, respectively 1,200 euros with a preventive package included. For a family of 3 members, the annual premium does not exceed 2800 euros per year with coverage for hospitalization, for outpatient services anywhere in Europe.

Which clinic can I choose for the services I need?

The international medical insurance plans offered by MediHelp offer the client the freedom to choose the private medical provider in Europe and/or in the world, not being limited to the network of private clinics with which the insurer has a direct settlement contract for hospitalization.

How can I use it?

By paying the insurance premium, immediate access to medical services is provided to the highest standards - in private clinics and hospitals in Romania and abroad - hospitalization, surgery, consultations, investigations, imaging, maternity.

Out of concern for health, MediHelp International provides access to the highest standards and medical technologies.